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Covid 19 updates and news

June 2020

Following the relaxation of the Scottish Government restrictions it is now possible to offer members some bowling albeit in a very restricted way from the 1st June.   Follow this link for more info from Bowls Scotland 

The health and safety of our members is paramount and the following guidelines have been drawn up with this in mind.

Members should understand that participation in the resumption of bowling is ultimately their own personal decision and is undertaken at their own risk.  Members are urged to bring their own hand sanitiser with them for use before and after using the green for playing bowls.

In line with still existing Government restrictions the following guidelines will apply in respect of those who have paid their full fees or part thereof

  • Bowling is allowed for physical activity and exercise
  • Members must bowl individually or with members of their own household or with one other person
  • Social distancing guidelines must be adhered to
  • Games are therefore limited to singles (or pairs with members of their own household)
  • No alcohol consumptions to take place before, during or after play at the club and we encourage all members not to smoke / vape / use electronic cigarettes at the green
  • No competitions or Club ties etc  All Club fixtures have been cancelled until the end of June.  These will be reviewed monthly but it seems unlikely that we will be able to play any matches this season
  • Spectating is not allowed at the green (unless carers require to be present)
  • Members should not play if feeling poorly or in the high risk category
  • Equipment, etiquette and personal hygiene are a huge consideration
  • Equipment should not be shared
  • Use your own jack and mat during your session on the green
  • Members should bring their own hand sanitiser for personal use before and after play
  • The clubhouse will be closed and there will be no toilet or first aid facilities
  • Play will be allowed between 12 noon and 9pm each day
  • A booking system will be in operation to allow members to reserve a rink and time for play.  This will be operated by June Dobbie who can be contacted between 1pm and 3pm each day on 01259 750705 to book a slot
  • Players will  be allocated 1 hour sessions in the first instance but if the take up is low this could be increased
  • Do not turn up at the green without making a booking
  • There will be 30 minutes between sessions for a changeover of players to avoid too many people attending at the same time
  • Players should change in their car or at their allotted rink
  • A one way pedestrian system will operate for the pathways.  Please follow the signage.   Enter by the main gate (no exit).   Exit by the gate at the other end of the greens near the turning area (no entrance)
  • 3 rinks will be available on each green to assist with social distancing
  • Each morning Sean Ward will put out the required number of jacks, mats and cleaning spray for each rink and will put them away each evening
  • The Club will sanitize jacks and mats prior to and after play each day
  • Players should use the spray and wipes provided by the club at each rink to clean jacks and mats before and after each session
  • There will not be rubbish bins available on the Club premises.  Players should take home any rubbish with them.  This includes any wipes used in the cleaning of equipment and rubbish from any food or refreshments you bring with you
  • Please do not smoke, vape or use e cigarettes while at the Club which will help to reduce the risk of transmission of the coronavirus

Membership fees

  • The Club have closed down everything that we can that is not essential to minimise expenditure but there are still expenses at a cost of £1346 per month that still require to be paid.  There is also an £1800 bill for insurance due this month.
  • We have received a Government grant but will have no access to any other financial support we know of while "lockdown" continues.
  • There is no sign of an early return to "normal" for the Club to generate its own income and we may not be able to open for bowling until next year.

  • Around 14 members have already paid their full fees and we thank them for this.
  • We would ask all members to consider paying their fees for the year or alternatively a reduced payment of £40 if they so wish and help ensure that your Club gets through the "lockdown" and comes out the other side in good shape for the members to enjoy everything the Club offers
  • Preferred payment would be by bank transfer.  Information regarding details of this and what to do if you do not use internet banking were included in a letter sent to all members.  If you did not receive this letter please contact the secretary 
  • Normally fees are agreed at the AGM but since this is not possible at the moment  a special general meeting will be held when restrictions are lifted when members can debate the question of fees for this year.

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