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Tillicoultry Bowling Club

incorporating Devonvale Bowling Club

established 1852

Club History

Tillicoultry Bowling Club was opened on the 5th August 1852 after an approach by some of the business and professional men of the town to the owners of Tillicoultry estates, the Wardlaw family who granted a piece of land free of charge for all time so long as it remained the property of Tillicoultry Bowling Club. The site given was the present one in Moss road. A small clubhouse was built and then in 1908 a new building, the basis of the present clubhouse was erected. This building remained unchanged until the early sixties when it was extended on the south side to provide a kitchen and ladies toilet. Later an extension was built on the north side to provide a locker and games room plus a bar cellar and store. The bar itself was situated between the main hall and the games room with serving hatches to both facilities. In the seventies with the help of a loan from Maclay's brewery the main hall was extended to the edge of the green.

The Tillicoultry club was a founder member of the Clackmannanshire and Kinross-shire Bowling Association, a body which the club has always promoted and supported.

The Club had 2 President's of the Scottish Bowling Association - Robert McGhee and Robert Lang plus internationalist W Irvine who was first capped from Scotland from Tillicoultry,

While club members have been successful in reaching Scottish Championships on many occasions only the senior rink of W Tulloch, H Oliver, J Lee and D Liddell have actually claimed a first place. They did this in 1970

In County Championships the club have been more successful and have won Clackmannanshire's top trophy - the Balfour several times

In 1971 the club were given the Devonvale green, tennis courts and car park when the works were on the verge of closing down. The gift was gratefully accepted by all the members and all the existing Devonvale bowlers were cordially invited to join the new Tillicoultry Bowling club (incorporating Devonvale) in time for the 1972 season under the presidency of Mr J Aitcheson. This amalgamation was to prove of great benefit to the new club as with 2 greens more members could be admitted and the extra income from fees (and increased bar sales) has resulted in enhanced playing conditions.

Gent's Roll of Honour

Winners of County Championships

Singles      1893  -  A Bernard       1944, 1945, 1950, 1951, 1952 & 1956  -  HB Aitcheson        1998 -  D Buist

Pairs          1928 - T Blaikie & J Liddle    1942 - T Blaikie & T Gow    1955 - T Gow & HB Aitcheson   1959 -  HB Aitcheson & CP McMillan                         1963 - C Pollock & A Davidson   1965  -  J Wilson & J Newlands   1971 - W Buyan & D Ross

Fours   (inaugurated 1969)    1975  -  J Douglas, W McFadyen, R Patterson & D Patterson

Senior Fours   (inaugurated 1978)   1979  -  D Archibald, A Sommerville, J McPherson & D Patterson.   2001 - J Krenski. A Cree, J Holt & S Little

Triples   (inaugurated 1973)  1973  -  J McPherson, T Thompson, J Harrower    1983 - D Hunter, J McAllister, Alan Aitken   1993 -  S Pearson, B Anderson, A Bennett

Junior Singles  (inaugurated 1978)  1984 & 1987 -  Alan Aitken    1992 - S Pearson

Members since 1952 who have made it to the Scottish Finals  -  HB Aitcheson, T Gow, J Harrower, T Snaddon, Alex Aitken, Alan Aitken, D Harrower, W Todd, DA Ross, T Graham, W Miller, S Pearson, J Inglis, A Harrower, I Harrower, B ANderson, J Hamilton, A Bennett

2004 - Neil Soloman was capped for the under 25 Scottish Team

To mark the 150th celebrations of the club in 2002 it was agreed to appoint 5 Honorary Past Presidents

Alec Aitken - President in 1980 and county representative for almost 25 years

Jim Douglas - President in 1986 and social convenor for many years

Alec Harrower - President in 1977 who has worked hard to develop the club over many years, not least the hard work carried out on the major bar extension in the mid seventies

Ernie McGlashan - President in 1969, a long and hardworking member who was a driving force in organising events for senior members

John Trainer - President in 1963 and county selector for many years

The Jubilee Cup. presented in 1902 by Mr John Paton, Honorary President was used as the Champion's trophy until 1977 when there was no more spaces for names

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